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Hey there, future
pack member!

You're making a stellar decision to join the Obedience Club of Chattanooga! 


We are thrilled to meet you and your pup soon.

Step 1:  Membership Application (website login)

We are an AKC club. Membership is required to sign up for classes.

Step 2: Membership Plan

To pay with cash or check, please bring your payment with you to orientation. 

  • Household

    Must be family and living in the same house
    Valid for one year
  • Individual

    Valid for one year
  • Associate

    For those who want to take an occasional class only
    Valid for one year
  • Online Student

    This plan is for those who wish to enroll in online webinars
    Valid for one year

Step 3:  Add Your Dog(s)    &    Handlers 

Handlers are only needed for household memberships.

Step 4:  Sign up for Classes

OCC Child Policy

Children and Families at OCC

With a Family Membership, families are invited to attend classes with their puppy/dog so that all can learn from the training experience.  OCC is family-friendly but dog-focused.


Additional guests should strive to not be a distraction to the other dogs in attendance.  Children 14 and over are welcome as handlers in our classes but must be accompanied by an adult (over 21), preferably a parent.  Children under 14 are welcome in our classes; however, this is up to the individual instructor of the class as some classes are not adequately staffed, the exercises are too complicated for safety issues, or the classes are of such a make-up that the class itself may not be appropriate for younger children (i.e. large Beginner classes or Reactivity).   Each Instructor shall have final approval over allowing children in their class; this approval may be revoked at any time if the children cause a disruption or are not adequately supervised. 


We recommend that an additional adult attend class solely for the purpose of supervising children under the age of 9 during the class while the other adult dog-handler is dog-focused.

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