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Super Advanced Obedience

Super Advanced Obedience





6 Weeks

Prerequisite: Advanced Obedience. This course is designed with the Obedience Competitor in mind and will focus primarily on preparation for Companion Dog Trials. All candidates will be working primarily off-leash and must have off-leash concepts mastered. The class will set up and practice specifically for trials covering, registration, treat reduction and all concepts necessary to create well-mannered competitors. Weekly class goals will depend on the skill of the student competitors and may vary from class to class. SKILLS REQUIRED: Super Advanced candidates must be able to demonstrate positive control of their dogs with and without the leash. The handler must be able to hold the dog’s Attention Focus for 3 minutes in the presence of distractions with the minimal use of treats; 3 minute SIT STAY away from the dog; 3 minute DOWN STAY without the presence of the handler; must be able to demonstrate a proper return and a RECALL off-leash without a long line. Strong Leave It and Wait are a must, as are STAND, FINISH, FIGURE-8 and HEEL (in an off-leash environment). Candidates who are still mastering off-leash concepts but who demonstrate good skills in ADVANCED are welcome as long as their dog does not pose a significant risk to the dogs that are already completely off-leash. Training Tabs may be utilized. Long Lines may be used. Please bring your own. Dogs at this level should already possess the Canine Good Citizen Urban award.

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