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Poker Fun-Run Workshop

Poker Fun-Run Workshop





2 hours

Perfected in our GAMES CLASS, this is the most popular and most requested game offered to anyone who has taken Beginner Obedience. However, we recommend Intermediate Obedience or above.

The Games Class was created to help our dogs strengthen their Obedience in the presence of distractions. Each class hosts a different game and works n one or more aspects of Obedience. Games are just a fun way to practice and enjoy supporting other club members.

Runs will encompass Basic Obedience commands with DISTRACTIONS on the course. Distractions may be carried to the Finish Line for extra credit.

As with any training game - you can win PRIZES for high scores.

To level the playing field, competitors with a higher level of Obedience will be handicapped. For example:

  • Advanced Obedience graduates will be required to "run" the course off-leash.

  • Beyond Intermediate students and above will be required to practice their Down-Stays in between runs to stay in the running for prizes.

If you've never run a RUN RUN, if you've never done a POKER RUN - this is your chance!

Register online. The fee is $10 for this unique training experience.

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