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Obedience Virtual Trial Class

Obedience Virtual Trial Class





6 weeks

Description:  For those ready to title their dogs for Beginner Novice (BN-V) or Novice (CD-V), this class will pace you through the steps including how to set up an obedience trial map and strategies for successful submissions.  We will begin recording in Week One.  Bring your phone or other device to record your own runs.  Copies of the AKC Obedience Maps and Virtual Trial Regulations will be provided.  Students will be permitted to repeat this class at regular cost as long as necessary to title if they continue to meet class requirements.  This class does have a waiting list so Instructor approval is required to make sure that those that have been on the waiting list are enrolled first.  Waiting list handler teams should remain enrolled in Super Advanced until they are accepted into this class to maintain their dog's readiness for trial.  Bring your sense of humor and good sportsmanship attitude because the Virtual Trialers are a supportive team that wants to enjoy the virtual trialing experience!

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