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Obedience Proofing Workshop

Obedience Proofing Workshop





2 hours

With an Obedience Trial on the horizon (hosted HERE in March!), many of our competitors will be attending our PROOFING WORKSHOPS to help get their dogs better prepared!

Bring your dog and work on YOUR dog's obedience at the same time; OR volunteer to work with the workshop as a distraction (earn volunteer hours to apply towards a free class)!

This workshop can help prepare Therapy Dogs, prepare dogs for the CGC exams, or help strengthen ANY dog's obedience when out in the world as a companion or otherwise. Some of our members attend just for fun! Why not?


Much like our Challenge Class, all dogs will be worked below threshold to success. No dogs will be worked til they "break" - this is not a game, it is serious preparation.

This is a Key Club Offering so you can pay as you go - each class will be $10 at the door and will last for 2 hours.

Prerequisite for this offering is Intermediate Obedience.

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