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Obedience Competition Prep (Open/Utility) - Key Club Offering

Obedience Competition Prep (Open/Utility) - Key Club Offering





6 weeks

This is a Key Club offering. Due to the advanced nature of the curriculum, this course requires Instructor approval to join.

For the competition minded, this class will offer exercises including and beyond the scope of Open.  To compete in Open or Utility, candidates must have live-trialed at the Novice level.  To join this class candidates must have either a live-CD or be actively trialing to complete the CD; a CD-V will be accepted if the member is currently trialing for the live title.  Class will include but will not be limited to:  Jumps and Jump Form, Send-outs, Position Changes with distance (signal exercises) and Dumbbell Retrieve on both the flat and High Jump, Broad Jump, Long Sits and Downs and Off-Leash challenges.  Members will also start Directed Jumping and the Directed Retrieve, as they are ready. 

This class is progressive and will continue to move forward as the dogs are able - missing one class can set you behind; missing a session will set you too far behind to continue.  Scent discrimination will not be covered.  It is strongly recommended that live-trial candidates continue to take Advanced to keep their off-leash skills as sharp as possible. 

The cost of this key club class is $10 (or 2 volunteer hours) per night.

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