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Magical Morsels - Treat Science Mini-Seminar

Magical Morsels - Treat Science Mini-Seminar





2 hours

How the use of solid learning science that makes treats (tiny bits of food) more valuable to your dog. From Beginning to End, presenting basic concepts to help make learning fun and efficient.

Encompassing ALL the topics in Beginner Obedience and Intermediate Obedience, this 2 hour seminar explains how treats work, and how to efficiently use treeats in training to maximize your training efforts.

If you are already enrolled in a class but want the all science up front and not in small pieces during classes, get it all NOW in this information packed seminar!

Need a review of the science to UP your training game? This is the place!

Thinking about teaching classes but concerned about mastering the science? Come learn the basics!

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