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Fair Play Friday - Littles Class

Fair Play Friday - Littles Class





55 min

For Dogs under 15 pounds and no younger than 4 months.  This unique play opportunity will teach you how to "ground" your tiny dog during play and to create trust in the working partnership of you and your dog.  Littles who are well grounded and have shown bravery may be asked if they would like to stay over into the Wallflowers class!  We will actively discuss body language as it occurs. $10.00 for dogs to play or $5.00 if you just want to watch and learn body language. No females in heat, no dogs with known reactivity issues, no dogs with a history of a bite. Additionally, play time may be restricted for intact males. Please bring your own crates if you need one.This class will not have moderated entrances and exits, instead the owner will be on the floor with their dog.  If you cannot sit on the floor, this class will not benefit your dog.   Event Rules are available on-site. Come join this unique play experience!

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