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Beyond Intermediate

Beyond Intermediate





6 Weeks

If you have taken BO and Intermediate, join this challenging and informative class to hone your skills and prepare you for the next level. We will play BO games, practice perfect CGC greetings, create flawless figure 8’s and lay a strong foundation for going off-leash with your obedience! We will go through Attention Focus in the Heel as a tool, Independent Down Stays (with duration), Stand for Exam, Wait-in-Motion, Sit-in-Motion and Down-in-Motion and left- and right-side Finish. This class focuses on trouble-shooting the BO performance as well as task-analysis to focus on repairing incomplete commands and removing inadvertent body language and leash cues that are dragging your performance down. Designed as a team-building class, all members are invited to step up their game!

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