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Beyond Beginner Obedience

Beyond Beginner Obedience





6 Weeks

Beyond Beginner -Training the Family Dog Prerequisite: Beginner Prerequisite: Successful completion of Beginner Obedience. This class bridges the gap between obedience training and the skills necessary to live companionably with your canine as a family member. Beyond Beginner helps dog owners learn to apply Obedience concepts in real life. Beyond Beginner will include: Crate Games, Doorbell Manners, Environmental Cues, Beyond Wait skills, Preventing Resource Guarding, preparing for real life handling situations, Teaching a “Go to Bed” (or Place) command, using Attention Focus as a coping skill, training off limits areas in your home (like Utility rooms), managing a multiple dog household and so much more! This class will incorporate games for your dog to help master some skills and the class will also be information heavy. Be prepared to take notes. Beyond Beginner may be taken at the same time as Intermediate as both classes build upon Beginner skills. Prerequisite Skills: Equipment Needed: Leash, a Beginner trained dog, dog bowl, selection of high quality treats

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