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Agility 3 Intermediate: Part A

Agility 3 Intermediate: Part A





6 weeks

Sequences, handling skills and course work will be a major portion of this class.

  • Emphasis will be on honing basic handling skills: front cross, rear cross, and blind cross

  • Higher level skills will be introduced such as: backsides, threadles, serpentines, 270's, pinwheels, boxes, and discriminations

  • Specific issues will be addressed as needed: lack of focus, start line woes, weave woes, contact performance, building drive, etc.

  • Expect to work short sequences (rather than full courses)

  • Course analysis will be introduced (what is the best strategy for handling the most common challenges)

Pre-requisite: Agility 2 and permission of instructor. Teams should be weaving 6 poles and have contact criteria established and reasonably consistent. Students should expect to repeat this class.

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