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Reactivity Beginner

Reactivity Beginner





3 Weeks

BY INSTRUCTOR INVITATION ONLY. Due to the highly specialized skills the class requires, there is a class charge is $180.00. No discounts can be used. If volunteer hours are utilized 8 hours will result in a $50 discount off the class price. This class is for dogs who are reactive (displaying aggressive or noisy displays towards other dogs) while on leash. Dogs must not be uncontrollable nor have a bite history. This session includes one group orientation (humans only) and three counter-conditioning and desensitization sessions set by appointment times - the first appointments will be right after the orientation. The reactive dogs will never be in the same room together and care will be taken to ensure no accidental sight-lines to other dogs during these session times. Enrolled dogs will be kept in secured vehicles until it is their turn to work. Appointment times should only be on the days that the class is scheduled. Enrolled students should take the time to observe other student's sessions to get the most out of the instruction offered. True aggression will not be covered in these sessions. Student-dog teams must be referred by a current OCC Instructor. An Evaluation form will be provided and must be filled out prior to acceptance into the class. Payment will not be accepted until the Instructor has received and read each team's Evaluation form. On the first session, the Orientation will run an hour and appointment times will start after a short break. On the other two class days, appointments will be between 12:00-2:00. The “classes” will focus on shaping a new behavior to the dog’s trigger and then flirting with each dog’s threshold while teaching the dog to control space with negotiation language (instead of confrontation language) creating a controlled and restrained response. This class is intensive in instruction and action.

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