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Nosework Challenge Workshop

Nosework Challenge Workshop





2 hours

For Nosework or Scentwork students of all levels, this Challenge will be offered for your enjoyment, practice, and teamwork. Instructors will be standing by to help you navigate each course and to help you work on your Nosework teamwork.

All levels welcome! Available work scents will be:

  • Treat-based

  • Transition (treat + Birch)

  • Cocktail (cocktail students must advise the Instructors prior to the event)

Available courses will be:

  • Multiple hides in similar objects

  • Vertical challenge(s)

  • Multi-object challenge

  • Below surface challenge

Sorry, due to equipment limitations and scent contamination for other teams, no gloppy or greasy treats will be permitted.

Prerequisite: Any Beginner Nosework or Scentwork class offered at any Training Facility, or the equivalent in private instruction.

Register online. The fee is $10 for this experience. There will be more than one course provided and, upon request, you can receive instructor feedback to improve your team's performance.

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