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Intermediate Obedience

Intermediate Obedience





6 Weeks

Prerequisite: Beginner Obedience. This course will continue building on the foundation of OCC’s Beginner class moving towards randomizing reward structure and differentiating between bribery vs rewards. Initial focus will be on transitioning perfect loose leash walking into the more formal Heel with the automatic Sit, emphasizing Halts and pace changes as well as directional turns.

Integrating the process of helping your dog learn to generalize and hold longer commands, we will work on Attention Focus duration, Sit Stay durations, Down Stay durations, and the Stand (without Handler support) and work towards Handling in the Stand-Stay. Included are the Intro into a Figure-8 exercise, perfecting the Finish, Long Line Recalls, the Greeting Exercise Game and other Learning Challenges for a fun learning experience. Heavy emphasis on preparing for the CGC-Exam, but challenging enough for the dog that has already earned his/her CGC!

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