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Freestyle | Key Club

Freestyle | Key Club





Invitation only. The objective of Freestyle Dogwork is to show the dog/handler team's working relationship, share the joy of training and present the dog to his/her best advantage. In six 2-hour long classes we'll achieve this by learning to recognize the most beautiful of our dogs' attributes and by learning to blend those into a logical movement piece, accompanied with music, that is a pleasure for spectators to watch. We spend time on the techniques of training movement, but just as important, we teach the concepts that help you to create a movement piece while handling your dog in a way that enhances every motion. This class builds teamwork like no other! Dogs should have basic obedience skills such as heel, stay, come, sit and down. Skills need not be advanced. The best work will be done off-lead, but dogs can stay on lead if necessary.

This is a Key Club class. Pay at the door cost is $10 or 2 volunteer hours.

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