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Fair Play Friday- Yappy Hour

Fair Play Friday- Yappy Hour





55 min

Fair Play Friday-Yappy Hour Play from 5:30-6:15. All puppies 5 months - 8 months of age are eligible to play! After Puppy Preschool, where is it safe for a pup to play? Meeting the wrong dogs in dog parks can teach pups inappropriate play styles that may keep them from having fun play encounters for the rest of their lives and it can result in a lifetime of play frustration. Puppies play differently than adult dogs. Because of their super exuberant, over- exaggerated play they need their own playgroup to frolic and test responses with each other and just be goofy. This sensitive and impressionable teenage-time needs guidance to learn to respect the space of others and engage in polite, fair and reciprocal play. All pups will earn play time with Obedience practice. We will actively practice recalls from the play group - so be prepared to work. This is the ONLY play class that allows treats to enter the ring but you must use the treats only when instructed! $10.00 for dogs to play or $5.00 if you just want to watch and learn body language. No females in heat, no dogs with known reactivity issues, no dogs with a history of a bite. Some adult dogs will be present to help moderate enthusiasm and play styles.

**To assure valid vaccinations and to regulate the classes, all participants must be registered in order to play.

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