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Fair Play Friday - Wallflower Play

Fair Play Friday - Wallflower Play





55 min

Fair Play Friday-Wall Flower Play from 6:15-7:30. All Shy dogs over 5 month and under 8 years of age are eligible to play! Shy dogs unite! Come play with other shy dogs! Wallflowers who have shown bravery may be asked if they would like to stay over into the Adult Play class! Hopefully our Wallflowers will graduate from “Shy Play” and move up into the Adult Play Class. This class may also be appropriate for some of our smaller or younger dogs. We will actively discuss body language as it occurs. $10.00 for dogs to play or $5.00 if you just want to watch and learn body language. No females in heat, no dogs with known reactivity issues, no dogs with a history of a bite. Additionally, play time may be restricted for intact males. Please bring your own crates if you need one. Entrances and Exits are moderated. Event Rules are available on-site. If your dog has NEVER played in a moderated group before, you are welcome to sign-up for pre-play testing to see if your dog’s skills are appropriate for group play. This testing is available by appointment times that are not necessarily on Fair Play Fridays. Contact the Instructor for testing. If your dog needs One-on-One Therapeutic play, this service is available by appointment.

**To assure valid vaccinations and to regulate the classes, all participants must be registered in order to play.

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