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Agility Seminar with Susan Cochran

Agility Seminar with Susan Cochran





3 hours

This seminar is designed for OCC Agility handlers of all levels. Join Susan Cochran, AKC EOJ (European Open for Juniors) Team USA coach, and learn what skills are needed to launch (or continue) your AKC Agility trialing career. The morning seminar will be for handlers only.

Susan has been competing in agility for over 25 years. She has been on 20+ International Teams representing the USA with four different dogs and in five different heights. Prior to moving to TN she instructed agility in Northern CA. Susan currently coaches AKC EOJ (European Open for Juniors) Team USA. Susan will discuss the following topics:

  • Meet the Coach - hear about Susan and her agility journey

  • Skills Checklist - what skills do we need to build before we are ready to trial?

  • Ring Stress

  • What to expect at an AKC Agility Trial

  • What to expect when the unexpected happens

  • How to use your results to make a training plan

This seminar is open to agility handlers/future handlers of all levels from 9:00-12:00. Lunch will be provided. 

Susan will offer a limited number of working spots on the agility field from 12:30-3:00 (please see below for details). Handlers must register for the morning seminar in order to reserve a working spot for the afternoon.

Please bring note-taking materials with you to the seminar.

Afternoon Workshop

The agility fun continues! Handlers who are registered for the morning seminar are invited to join Susan on the OCC Agility field to put theory into practice with their dogs. Priority will be given to handlers who have already completed Agility 2 or above.

You will need to sign up separately for the Afternoon Workshop. If you have not yet taken Agility 2 you are welcome to sign up for an audit spot; or you may sign up for a working spot to be placed on a waiting list (contingent upon having space available).

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