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Agility Foundations Workshop

Agility Foundations Workshop





1.5 Hours

This workshop is primarily for dog-handler teams who have completed Agility 1 Foundations Part A and are preparing to begin Agility Foundations Part B. Additional dog-handler teams may be added upon instructor approval.

We will cover the following:

  • Review and build on the concepts learned in Agility 1 Foundations Part A (ladder, rocker board, wobble board, ladder, cone wrap, tunnel, weave pole entry, and directionals)

  • Introduce several new concepts, including impulse control, loose heel pattern, balance beam targeting, and wrapping around a wing from a wing jump

  • Individual coaching and advice on preparation for Agility 1 Foundations Part B

  • Bonus activities (if time permits)

Please bring lots of small, soft treats and a crate for your dog. The cost for the workshop is $10 (or 2 volunteer hours).

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