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Agility 1 Foundations - Part B

Agility 1 Foundations - Part B





6 Weeks

Part 2 of a 2-part class. This indoor class will build on the skills learned in Agility 1 Foundations Part A in teaching dog-handler teams foundational agility skills and safety. The curriculum is based on shaping behaviors through the use of positive reinforcement. Activities include start line stay, body awareness and flexibility, impulse control, introduction to contact end behavior, targeting/nose touch, directions, and handling “on the flat.” Dogs will continue to interact with equipment such as wobble board, tunnel, table, 2x2 weaves, and wing jumps (bars will be on the ground for puppies or very low for adult dogs). Dog-handler teams will begin sequencing with multiple obstacles. Dogs must be fitted with a flat buckle collar and a six-foot leash. No choke, pinch, gentle leaders or corrective harnesses will be allowed. Owners need to bring lots of small, soft treats and A CRATE.

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